So, after bustlin’ and hustlin’ and pushin’ through a crowd of anxious Terry loving fans, we got pushy with the New York City cool-friendly gallery doorman, and made it inside Terry Richardson's MOM DAD show—held at the mini shoe box known as The Half Gallery on Forsyth in the LES.

Sadly, we only managed to take a few snapshots of Terry’s Ma and Pa but were still lucky enough to get a few shots including Terry and Abbey Lee (from Our Mountain!) lookin’ fly as kites. Too bad the photography didn’t seem like the focal point of the night. Instead we watched Terry get a handful of supportive hugs from friends and fans - go Terry!

Later we found ourselves at Terry’s afterparty held at Westway, which was a definite lolipop fest but BABYPOP is PG-13 rated so we won’t have to talk about that. Terry’s show will be on exhibition until December 4th so make sure to catch it while you can. 

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